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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 14, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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o.erhi >>shorard: willherem be a 9 new ulef eeryo bshldid:ll anrebe a traewedrom? e e yo jonhan:ou b caiot.n raro onn: a >>t.hepa: ithout y hav to t low mmber>>pa i ou the y avvern nt t oow m lerve the he rn wth ou. l he wourobay b go wor . housing bahousg bo hng st ts us jonhan:nderri nst onn:ri aresshat >>shard: mberf go rnme foraverysse dat sh d: berroom fgomeorry all bom f gtingllreat dros fo al gng wl,ell jdgeat apootanfo il wit s.w eyll cant re jiree usopoan i bld tanxtra. beanoomreres bu ty can b py raon ue. om >udgeapolbuano: theyan cant son u us.>geolo:ey >> eparan but sheys.ill. judg nalita: did>>aryouut a gsyenacd l.ongss o dgnataidu sign y tac ng ongre? th aner i gno. t eserere thn i rulatns burecrat ga ehemsveshe rthoraty tapte reat iaages of ms s inhe or t pracyfpt o ies f ckya and n depdingowr yw o the yandron flepng nsid t
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ehome ifhe donne caflsee sideidhe t mehom and t dcaetae a de ana zeomnd t nd strite angta meers af thgovenament wh th f d.ri a tsers this notventh phmitt by t f tconstutin a noermotted fe pralttlawby and tong ss d ns ti anotnovotent arm thed felw prndiden nghas deen siletedte d a he burecra di pr onen t eir aswn.enled shepd: tis h be reheadi on tr n. seorev. ep t kn he fr ev rkin n locr tevisi yo as cizen inveoc rea nabltesi yosexpeatio c ofen ea prblvacyfor inancepeiofour gifrie an langprcyutr the in pcel inheur ackygid aieana heou paveinky a 1uence e i my levion cara 1 shtsver cehe imy evonca 12'h fcer he ked woan 2' f ha cmitt arime caus edsheaswoeasable a exptati ctt fme us pri cy esle thexpti dnes sho ld ot abl tri doit forhehe sa des rean. ho >>dge apo tanobli to wou or ke saea >> eepono saourgumt. he gernmt wldommi t sa crim umthisis gnmery wmieri ts. i one t ingim for ishe ry gernmnt t do andrinoter ine tng trgorhe dense dep tmen g nmto tdond i ot t defset epament dse caotepen enge i i nytef acvitypannta te
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utedtat ofen i amrica ac tython exutiv t or rudat frf theamcaresent, t atho muexiverfr eublied. esf tht, pr tsideus au orizli . th defthseprde dertme jonhanauiz pokethfef theirdeorcme tonan fly ke he dnesver eryo's bckyarc t andely n't kn the d presidener and he yoir frce bhavya ndiola d'tknheren nudrouse fev feral,rimilla states. nuus >>epar butofenel,mi ta cs.res. jud napitan>>: noarneut cas. wh ist t c cons.essup indapanno arm theca c ngrewh ths tonsset tn present bo rmhe crehlib whe t let es ntis ao foe yn rb he bayard andtheyet ll lo afohe batherrd wayndey lo >>hepa: treill ereveray be>> pa t anletriertion an tre wl b ns rion ousas of dnes. t you w b a not s do gsaanytofng yo d mays.ot oucare aotdoyt bt, shyoldaye thre outthe whoonstuti andun b b ahew sth ofutehonsti nd b rus. >>dgeapotan s thef 3rdru >> e pomendnnt, e fohethrdmenent, e nd 5, fo andme guaennteet,s th rig t eft 5 ame ee verentthstayigut o tur fe. t we are a e.ttin erntay o forma lawulwe reivesnd we donin wanou i
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ourma awces as w es i dde y tur esas woverent,o leny fr de t 30er00't,s enfr olatg ose30 a'ndmes. sherd:t i qte a at e athinme and mity he: i q a qui. in udgediui thk geou. st i toox newthit. ito aearsew the ars publ an he pesidtial ru blor t whie hse i pidndinalu a tnewhistat hent indhe tes in coress aan tanki his watnt uppoersor threardwork cosayssse w tllkiisontiue pu ingporsh rd rkhis id s atys w eti loal apu g naion evel s bd he loonce aed th hinan camignsel l bhe on ce fuds thhi yingweamn wll no ln fu ngnger wo endesoues cpaigng in er imars i stands tout hav cign ar ita t notav vted,and oing so w thot anyope ucce vd, kesdany ngo w ten of ny mpellio andceweimpl sy do enfot miondave pl ron auldo isout t tt ronney lis tt ikel o.p. t r. mine ry obousl tel p.egaress ronaul ne sbportsls a hong ar she co ress nnplaylg aery srt
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t sh mak a lotli olaoney shak aot >>shard:ood oey befits >>shrri:d:dighst raingoman ets banng t cou>>ry.i: ghd eragan an tou.lond ndhale bru ikil caleed a heru pecution in tik maetplce caand ahe wil go t we recuon t atchipl andait t lli dilo s we hindit ti i sanyolsealks sherd:he gges i b nks yo seare bgerks berehe fheanci: esdisaer a b thesre cord gre b r toe fci mos toosa aighe te bard o dsosoothiseduc thea cas o fo th to b drokeis up.ucca >>gefoi: thopletowill b tkkep. ge aboulell thi t mak it ou ahi mo egitate ak diussimo whossitteit ly di msie wsenss f mhe aric taxpnser fore itereed ac h big eyxp ar reetti. shepd: ire fh yig arvergula tiandourerson uld beep difere fr yourer neilabor d rverrson, utld yo regdiatere fr themoo murh theirare rt abn, yoegte em m th toloaneand ab areoo mny tonstanintsandd wht we wa re em do t mat the
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arst ntsd wh wedoin theawoul be los ab tohe n >>ginri:hef yul regbeate lab l ey c ld. moo >g: y looneger mo le some cereolse,ongkongo whre eymocoul domeusiess h e, gtheywant tng thwh is aulosi h eynt t ththrest. a an lislars ied wied thre und staanhat b lxpaylas i the hoowi thndat bere, i ay hesomeingoesooron ande e, cann i affd baing utmeng oson ofnd heseig nnffang bans. of se >>hepa: festo ean u. th precut on snt t>>reepa f wks tingto sho hat hnthprut s tedwaes w tghot us wa mey fro hi prsideialus mro camignhio hde a pr de alve cld. wi weamearnnrn h c. wiear n wha out hiaughr? what aut ha the thigh at ahe strs? tr
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nytn is fic hef hasade eedortu as iche peonale engytuttoey own s r h abipety tal swan theto n h bi t ju. wa jnhe edwdsju j dahteras bn steng t alldwhe detlsow a erher bath che eden tn herllhenet dyin rthhe moernder katns in torny, amoell aat rvar rnw gadua and aave ull a praccesaw a erarer mther guand veed o urea ac cscer a ba mner o2010 a it n c clerhetha te wiltake the 10 tan i n herleth faer's efen bul hekeshe an e l ist andertemai t fa'sen buhe seen lnd whher hnai t eard en miressillestfyh ar mo ethatd e ertsaymiss wlldst tu ahe o talinto aat etsthrering wu ci us. t eto a is ellerengi. unte ds le jothansive oside theete couhous in orthjoaroanna e ts ode aernohe. t uusnthro mtres whats a tno tinkg wheer meshe whall or t nkwil nothe ttify wr >>jo thanil sheas boten t onfy he tnes li f th jooseantionheandhe dfen b butn he p secueson liver fth c lledseon herd d n utnd e leg pcu a lyser sa cedter i veryeg lkely ays theefena wll do i
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e ry lly samheen w do lten. >> thi briaminger ck ln. he roo >> brihis in rieg wrok meage fro heooury.riin he the rroson th johmee ro edrds in thy. m ss inhe ronhoh eds h part otr an m hi on rrtponsotilit andithi o iokes the mory rnsitdf ies eli beth hedwa msy ndli alththe sdidwa ingsale sd >>jatha s itgsisike tt we willjha e jo st edkerds t hieself tlltifyng johis taldds bu ashilf tfy fo riels tunteon't bu s hdfoelte yr't bath. h sherd:theefen teimonwoul ybe bh. aut he:e tenis teoneyonas gultses this mey a as t eyamp ggnes s co mribuons? guet: ectly ty armp trygoco ebuablis? the ue eoneyly t t thetarntenry bind the eneyliwashe ey pe tonalhe noen bdhe eyseal piticno a theormcfo forphe jicn a edwdshermcampgn sa anoxte ive r j audtydw t mp fedal esaction cmissten e fnd nud exc tsive cedtrib eionsio cand ssd f not rquirxcveeporng cibns d r ir dotioorromunny doioell o
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if t jge ai mkes it sount likti hke it ould tbe je caaig morstuik psona or ld dlaras fcag the ca aign kepna rrom d tr f e vots, iagnke m t co ictet i josh you onlhave oneconte t juryshithou arobl y donlveotne t ryh getbl y unimouo youo n ha t clr-cuunou ( ou n a ), (chen yl havcu ( a pcblemen y av shepd: nt cupleofays weill pemprobly hehis ep n cle goiys tol t juob hndis this t st.oi t>>rdy:ouruitnees fomis t . e rfens:urne f sh:nd a bun ns of :otis. fen a ca wilunof beti car. nail >>shbeard: he c wir.go shd:hewiome scofreerrisofor 30e yrs. hen poli coeesoor0 yrest. a nli st g g h sain h ai allgic reaiono spy tllc kildean h sp fe. t hoil dihe eak h e. hodi aker nec
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>>shard:his ppen bac in 2whenandoffialsdidot chge h ntil ashd:ears en aac a 2 en dlf fitershend t ch me hcalilar aexamer rulhe rn ca tel am ul "homide. thecarosetionayse stra ledomis we.e and eseons lie ra dthe wrialsnd bng heie eal in be iami phi keings tsid thin mi his idth sprtan defseid cme rt e.up in sprnefd co ct, rit? in phl: opengcoitatents brphefly thedefee aorneen clatimits at tir brly hevestfeato a fonend clcheicals fr trhe ke spay st tao shefoot helsher nght bere sp on tahe t maginewhi s on ntbehe maonzineack ext tagne thi toet n d tt is maneckt thetho ts denselaimhe th linwaseeim th sitng ohe t insecr wennconsious a her ead endit op t cren reoningus averteer dgaze wndck aeg strglinrt er a
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az the w aefesettorys trin teling ahehefeorjury at tengookes ry bu ledoase ad the is ok evidcef bud ase a crie.he is y ar goiide t he ahatri a yar okiei teat a hici ieetecve hi haecling h veirst alled hang hest hocideasellith ahodesehsmal cal lice a dertmeal l ce th deme upersion h cometel buned eronomel un th cas thas phi theirst resndern t cen hi mheamist daireeser t rese,n mineaofre thr para dicss tesfiedh tt, iactracs aft sed e amat t ict 9-1 clft whi at d nyeop tere sbingin 9 che cotrohit t okp th te sng 3 minus toet coo theh 3 huse. nutot sherd: 32inut h?e. is is he:2nusu. theut ddis suman' eares e d
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3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
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3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:52 pm
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3:53 pm
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3:54 pm
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3:55 pm
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3:57 pm
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3:58 pm
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3:59 pm
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